Data as jet fuel: An interview with Boeing’s CIO | McKinsey & Company

A good article from Boeing’s CIO re data analytics and it’s challenges/ benefits.

”you have to be very strategic and deliberate about how to scale up. On the one hand, you have to build momentum with a portfolio of projects—somesmall, some medium-size, and a few in bigger, important areas. At the same time, you have to think long term.

The portfolio might yield tens of millions of dollars here, and maybe a couple hundred million there—and you still could be only scratching the surface. Analytics will take billions off the bottom line if you figure out how people across the entire organization can grasp the opportunity—and how to democratize the capability.”

Source: Data as jet fuel: An interview with Boeing’s CIO | McKinsey & Company

What Is Bitcoins Intrinsic Value? | Investopedia

A view on what BTCs value could be… note the part that says all models are wrong and also it’s really dependent on whether people will adopt/use it…..

As mathematician George Box said, “All models are wrong, some are useful.” We have set out to construct a framework for pricing bitcoin but it is important to understand the variables. From our thinking, it seems possible that bitcoin could eventually increase in price by orders of magnitude, but it all depends on bitcoin’s level of adoption. The most important question is “Will people use bitcoin?”

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Source: What Is Bitcoins Intrinsic Value? | Investopedia

What Is Bitcoin Really Worth? Don’t Even Ask. – The New York Times

Dabbling in Bitcoin lies somewhere between gambling and investing. After all, true investing requires a rational appraisal of an asset’s value and that is simply not possible at present with Bitcoin. Real understanding of the economic issues underlying the cryptocurrency is almost nonexistent.

It is not just that very few people really comprehend the technology behind Bitcoin. It is that no one can attach objective probabilities to the various possible outcomes of the current Bitcoin enthusiasm.

Power Ledger raises $34 million in one of Australia’s first successful initial coin offerings – SmartCompany


Perth-based energy trading startup Power Ledger has secured $34 million via an initial coin offering (ICO) in one of the largest successful raises by an Australian startup for this alternative mode of financing.Power Ledger provides a blockchain-based peer-to-peer trading platform that allows households to trade excess solar power in the hopes of making energy more distributed and sustainable for consumers now and in the future.

Source: Power Ledger raises $34 million in one of Australia’s first successful initial coin offerings – SmartCompany

Deloitte – The Millennial Mindset Work styles and aspirations of millennials

New research from Deloitte Greenhouse (TM) Business Chemistry® reveals potentially noteworthy differences between millennials, Gen X, and baby boomers in their preferred work styles. Our study reveals that roughly 60 percent of millennials are characterized by two particular work styles that are in contrast to the work styles of other generations. Improving generational intelligence by understanding the work preferences of millennials—the largest share of the labor force today—may be the key to unlocking their commitment and engagement.

  1. Be a coach first, manager second
  2. Hail the Passion Project
  3. Recalibrate leadership development programs
  4. Communicate, and then communicate some more
  5. Loosen the tether

These strategies—along with a little empath can forge a better bond between employers and millennials. Engaging in inquiry with millennials via straightforward, open-ended questioning can help activate their commitment and integrate them with other generations at work. This approach guards against assumptions and is likely to prove more e ective than contrivances like pingpong tables and bullpen seating. As the workplace evolves into one that is more transient, flat, and virtual, creating a sense of a liation without job permanence will likely be a looming challenge for employers.