Due to our broad range of experience and the professionals that we use,  we can help your organisation with its delivery capability , we do this through:

Proven Experience
Over 20 years experience in delivering large scale, high profile programs and projects upto $70m in value with teams upto 140 FTEs.

Building strategic capabilities
Strategic capabilities consist of the decision-making, leadership and management structures required to translate strategy into action and are coordinated through a Project Management Office (PMO) . At an entry-level, company’s should be able to execute projects and programs to scope, on time and on budget. Advancing capabilities toward program and portfolio management increases the company’s capacity for efficient and effective strategy execution.

Drive better performance
Performance driven organisations measure and manage results. Through combining strategic capabilities with monitoring, reporting and response structures, an organisation can drive greater consistency in performance, reduce risk and increase overall effectiveness. As the old management proverb says – “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it!”

Clear Execution of Strategy
The single greatest driver of success in modern organisations is the ability to convert strategy into tangible change, did you know that more than fifty percent of corporate strategies fail to be executed effectively!  Also, time and again the most straight forward strategies outperform their heavy weight counterparts purely because the organisation was able to make change happen effectively. Project management is the vehicle for change and must be developed to a level commensurate with an organisation’s strategic agenda.  If your marketplace is rapidly evolving, if you’re facing increasingly dynamic competitors or if projects are at the heart of your value proposition, then circumstance dictates that project management needs to become a core capability for your organisation.