Paul Shetler: change, not ‘change management’ | The Mandarin

The benefits of digital are easy to understand, which sometimes tricks us into thinking that getting to digital must be easy, too: that it’s just about building a few MVPs, or bringing in some UX people, or making websites a bit cleaner. If transforming your business was that easy, we wouldn’t still be hearing about large organisations with system blackouts and websites that are impossible to navigate.

The bureaucracies inside large organisations haven’t survived by welcoming change. In fact, an unspoken goal is always maintaining themselves, as-is, with their hierarchies, procedures and cultures intact. They rely on an artefact we discovered when fixing government services in the UK, ‘The Triangle of Despair’: the three big barriers to brownfield transformation that reinforce resistance to change.

Source: Paul Shetler: change, not ‘change management’ | The Mandarin