Digital priorities for the CIO in 2016 | ZDNet

In 2016, the digital revolution has finally become an unavoidable priority for the majority of executives in the typical organization today. For years it was possible — even sensible — for senior leaders to ‘kick the can’ on responding to technology disruption.

The calculus was that they could realistically put it off for three to five years, often long enough to be onto their next position, or retirement, before having to tackle the hard, risky, and unfamiliar world of digital business.Most organizations were aware this time was coming, and I suggested last year that IT had ‘one last chance’ to lead digital transformation, before other parts of the business responded, or perhaps more likely, nimble new digital entrants reinvented their industry and starting taking away real market share with surprising rapidity.

There’s no question that today, this year, the CIO — along with the CEO and often the CMO and the new Chief Digital Officer — is currently on the hot seat to produce credible results with more profound and effective digitization of the business. Confirming this point with stark data, a recent report from Harvard Business Review underscores the tension and urgency that’s entailed: Most executives now expect that their organizations will encounter moderate to massive digital disruption within just the next 12 months.

Source: Digital priorities for the CIO in 2016 | ZDNet