It was 20 years ago today … – Computerworld

Only 20 yrs ago did Microsoft release Win 95 (seems like only yesterday). Windows 95 took the world by storm….. and look where MS is in now…..

It was the first widely accepted graphical user interface. People lined up at stores at midnight to buy it, in lines not matched by Microsoft’s release of Windows 98 although seen with some of Apple’s iPhone releases.

Microsoft appeared to have everything going for it, and its stock seemed on a perpetual upward bound (even my father bought Microsoft stock). 20 years later, times have changed; Microsoft battled the DOJ for nearly a decade about Internet Explorer, today the consumer market is focused on smart phones and tablets — and Microsoft seems to have tumbled from its perch — iPhones, iPads, and Android devices get a lot of market share and attention in the press.

Source: It was 20 years ago today … – Computerworld