2014 Australian IT Market Insights and Salary Guide – Greythorn

Many thanks to the Greythorn team for yet another comprehensive report. Key takeouts:

The number of Gen Y and females entering the industry are at the lowest point in 4 years. Surprisingly only 6% of respondents were under 30, in 2011 this figure was 18%. Is the IT industry attracting enough new talent? Results from Greythorn’s Hiring Manager survey in January showed that 36% believed there would be skills shortages in IT in 2014. This is a growing concern; one third of candidates also stated that they did not believe there were enough IT graduates in Australia to satisfy industry needs.

Similarly, this year the ratio of males to females was the lowest it has been in 4 years – in 2011 the breakdown was 78% male to 22% female. Why are women not attracted to this industry? Our own research shows that long hours, lack of flexibility and unconscious bias from already male-dominated IT teams are all contributing factors.

Key Takeouts:

  1. Remuneration, Flexible working and challenge are the top 3 reasons why people want to stay with their current employer – engagement here is key.
  2. Lack of career development, monotonous roles and better remuneration are the top3 reasons why staff left.
  3. Top skill sets in 2014 are Cloud, Mobility, Business Intelligence, Big Data and Security
  4. Top 5 benefits for candidates are: Flexible working, Training, Annual bonus, benefits and >20days holiday.
  5. Over half of respondents are now considering a move internationally. This is up from 36% in 2013 and illustrates the risk of brain drain to the Australian IT industry

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