US solar giant to shelve Australian expansion | Business Spectator

But Mr Smith said the decision to repeal the carbon tax, as well as take the role of reviewing the Renewable Energy Target out of the hands of the Climate Change Authority and put it into the hands of climate sceptic Dick Warburton, had “pretty much took the life out of the renewable energy sector as far as large-scale projects for utility applications [are concerned].”

“I mean, clearly you know that appointment was made because they want to move back towards conventional fuels, coal and oil,” he said. “… other markets around the world are advancing. Australia is going to get left behind.”

via US solar giant to shelve Australian expansion | Business Spectator.

As a country Australia should be really concerned as to what is going on in Canberra and the direction that Abbot is taking us, when all the major developed countries are moving ahead with a climate change agenda – we are heading in the opposite direction.