Technology Vision 2013: IT Trends and Innovations – Accenture

Latest from Accenture regarding digital strategies – Moving beyond transactions to digital relationships

Its time for businesses to turn their attention back to their relationships with consumers. Specifically, they need to rethink their digital strategies to move beyond e-commerce and marketing — and strive for the kinds of personal relationships that were typical years ago, between shoppers and the corner store.

The key factor is that technology is finally at a point where buyers can be treated like individuals again. Consumers are more than faceless digital transactions, more than a cookie file or a transaction history or a demographic profile; theyre real people with real differences. Yet the tendency of many companies has been to use mobile technology, social networks, and context-based services to create more detailed views of consumers, consumer attributes, and transactions, rather than using the new digital connections to improve the ways in which they interact with those consumers as individuals.

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